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Scared Parrots Trout Bass Pike Walleye Flies

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.       ..      Scared Parrot 
These streamers are a combination of premium magnum bunny strips, extra select UV marabou and UV flash.
One of my favorite attractor patterns for predators like Big Brown Trout, Steelhead, Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass Walleye and Pike.

I have been tying and fishing this pattern for over 20 years. I first tied these flies for Atlantic Salmon and Big Brown Trout in the rivers that flow into the Great Lakes and off the piers on the lakes. In the fall when the Big Brown Trout and Atlantic Salmon move into the rivers , piers and boat harbors they are not actively feeding. These flies worked when nothing else would.
I started using them for other species on inland lakes and streams. If fish are not actively feeding and chasing, these streamers would trigger a response.
I use them for pike in the spring when they are still in shallow water. I've caught smallmouth and walleye in the summer in Canada and browns and rainbows on the rivers in Michigan.
In the spring and fall I fish the Saint Clair River that divides the USA and Canada. It's a fast flowing big river the drains from Lake Huron. It's a fantastic place for multi species angling. It has walleye, brown trout, steelhead, Chinook, coho, Atlantic Salmon, sturgeon etc..... I anchor my boat and fish these streamers with a spey setup. You never know what you might hook up to. 
I use them with a weedguard for most of the time. When I fish off the piers on the Great Lakes, a weedguard is usually not necessary.
These are unweighted and sink very slowly so most of the time I fish them shallow. Usually in 5-10 ft of water. I've done quite well on walleye when they are in shallow weedbeds and rocky areas in northern Michigan and Canada.
The action of the marabou feathers and bunny hair tail is constantly moving even when you pause. 

I prefer a weedguard that allows you to cast into any type of cover or structure. Fishing fallen trees, thick weedbeds and rocky rubble or gravel bars. I catch more fish , in most cases, because I have no fear casting into areas that would normally be off limits for a fly without the weedguard.
I tie them in two sizes. 4" and 6". 
We as fishermen spend a great deal of time and money for our passion. The fly is the one piece of equipment that connects directly to the fish.Buy quality. You won't be disappointed. 
If you have any questions please contact me. Thank you for considering purchasing my flies. 
The name Scared Parrot came from my niece who said the flies look like her Parrot when it's scared.