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About Check Your Flies

What is Check Your Flies all about? Well, Check Your Flies is the Angler's Marketplace where fly tiers and anglers can buy and sell handmade fishing gear and provide local knowledge for each other. It is simple: post your flies and fly fishing gear and connect to the community. 

Going on a fly fishing trip? Getting dragged out of town by your partner or maybe its something as simple as a business trip? If you're there, you are going to want to fish. Every river or stream has its own tips, tricks or special flies you need to improve your chances of success on the water. 

Check Your Flies is your community. Connect with the locals when you need to or get your hands on some flies tied by anglers from across the country. 

It's our community and our rivers.  Let's keep it that way.

Check Your Flies was started in 2019 by Cullen Haskins. Cullen started fishing as a kid in the Great Lakes region. Growing up in the midwest taught him many different ways of fishing and for a plethora of species. He graduated with a Recreation and Business Administration Degree. Cullen has taken his experience and knowledge and started this online marketplace for anglers to showcase the artistic side of Fly Fishing.  .