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Weedless Polar Goat Deceiver
Weedless Polar Goat Deceiver
Weedless Polar Goat Deceiver
Weedless Polar Goat Deceiver
Weedless Polar Goat Deceiver
Weedless Polar Goat Deceiver

Weedless Polar Goat Deceiver

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Weedless Polar Goat Deceiver Style Baitfish Pattern
100% Synthetic Polar Fiber head and natural Artic Goat Hair 
Durable Hydrophobic Polar Fiber moves like Marabou feathers

Artic Goat Hair Tail is light, wispy and extremely durable 

Big 3D molded eyes. I prefer big eyes on most of my patterns. I think eyes are a key for a predator attraction. 
Each tie-in point is epoxied for superior durability.
Premium Gamakatsu Executive Series B10S hooks. 
Sizes 7" with 4/0 Hook 
          9" with 6/0 Hook
This big bodied streamer is designed for big, top of food chain predators like Pike Muskies Peacock Bass Largemouth Bass Stripers and Saltwater species.

This is an updated version of the famous Lefty Kreh's Deceiver. The original pattern was created with feathers and bucktail. He wanted a big profile streamer that was castable and foul proof. I caught many species with his original pattern. The only problem was predators like Pike and Muskies would wreak havoc to the feathers and bucktail. Still, at that time, in the 1960's and 70's, it was the best material available to fly tyers. If we could get  a half  dozen fish caught before it fell apart we were happy. 
Now we have so many choices of synthetic and  natural materials available that are extremely lightweight and durable. We also have superior adhesive products like light cured epoxy to tie these flies so they do withstand the abuse.

I tie these big streamers with a polar fiber head, Artic goat hair and Icelandic sheep hair. 
The full bodied head really pushes the water and the tail undulates as it moves through the water. It's action triggers the response we want from those gamefish. 

I tie most of my flies with a mono inverted V weedguard. In rivers with plenty of wood cover, you can cast deep inside that cover without the concern of hanging up. How many times have you tried to just fish the edges of cover only to snag up. It happens more often than not. You not only lose the fly but if you try get it loose, you disturbed that spot for quite a few hours. When fishing in a drift boat or canoe, moving downstream, you only have a short period of time to hit that spot before you drift by. 
Using a weedguard allows you to cast deep into that cover without fear. You will present your fly to fish that will not come out to the edges when they're not actively feeding. Most fishermen will not cast into those areas. You have the opportunity to present your fly to fish that rarely see a fly that deep into cover. Fishing is a lot more enjoyable when you can eliminate the problem.
I generally use a strip and pause retrieve in open water and if I see a fish following I tend to strip faster.
When fishing cover, I will crawl the fly slowly and and when it comes to edge, I will stop and let it fall for a couple seconds before I start stripping again. 
I create these streamers with premium quality components and I epoxy each tie-in point, the eyes and the nose. I tie the flies to be abused. 
I have been tying flies since the 1960's and I realized early on that quality is the way to go.

If you are like me and most of the fishermen I  know we spend a great deal of money on our equipment and trips to the lakes and streams.
I suggest we do the same with the least expensive part of our tackle, the flies. It is the one item that is directly connected to the fish. Buy quality, you won't be disappointed
If you have any questions please contact me. If I don't have the answer, I probably know someone who does.
Thanks for considering purchasing my flies. John