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Xicanx Fly MAK Caddis

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Being one of the bugs that gets a lot of attention in the fly fishing world. The caddis larva that was designed by Driftless Area guide Marco Kamimura,is an important one to ha. Designed for the clear and cold spring creeks of the famous Driftless region, this pattern has just enough drab and flash to entice the pickiest of fish. My favorite way to fish these flies is on a Euro Nymphing rig or under a big dry fly in a dry dropper rig with the bigger sizes being used as the anchor in the Euro rig, and the smaller ones being used on the dropper of both the dry dropper and the Euro Rig!
Sizes are as follows: 
Sz. 12 - 4.0mm bead
Sz. 14 - 3.5mm bead
Sz. 16 - 3.0mm bead
  • Sz. 18 - 2.5mm bead