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Tungsten Manhattan Midge - Black/Silver

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As much as you might dislike it, fly anglers can't deny how big of a part midges are in a trout's diet. All year long these teeny little bugs are a food source for hungry trout. Midges come in many sizes and colors, but to simplify fly choice, black, red, olive, and tan are the colors that I offer them in. Which color is best you might ask? Any of these can out produce one another on any given day. Stock up on a bunch of in the different colors and sizes and hang on tight!
The Manhattan Midge is especially good during the winter time to fool picky trout in Western Tailwaters all the way to Eastern Spring Creeks! 
Sizes are as follows: 
Sz. 16 - 2.5mm bead
Sz. 18 - 2.0mm bead 
Sz. 20 - 1.5mm bead