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Jugrassic Hopper 3 pack

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A delightful blend of nature and mad science the Jugrassic Hopper fly is the best large grasshopper fly in my box. Tied with 6 mm of foam it will float all day even when covered in teeth marks. The fly lands with a large "splat" to call in those prehistoric carnivores and it rides low just like a realy hopper. The wing is a mixture of white and black Fulling Mill ultra dry yarn for a little additional float and visibility and the sighter in pink helps see it even when it drifts in the shade. This fly has a realistic profile, sits low in the water and will survive dozens of encounters with predatory trout.

Tied on an Umpqua XC610BL-BN the wide hook gap provides better hook ups and the 1x heavy hook lets you haul in the biggest trout out from under banks. Comes in either tan or yellow. Only available in size 6.

Sold in sets of 3. Buy a dozen and receive a free fly