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3D Weedless Glow Baitfish
3D Weedless Glow Baitfish
3D Weedless Glow Baitfish
3D Weedless Glow Baitfish
3D Weedless Glow Baitfish
3D Weedless Glow Baitfish

3D Weedless Glow Baitfish

Twilight Flies and Jigs
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 Glow in the Dark 3D Baitfish.
 Mono Weedguard 
 UV synthetic hair with glow in the dark flash creates a subtle inner glow that attracts predators in the twilight periods of dawn and dusk. If you fish muddy, off color, stained waters with low visibility, this streamer will make a difference. 
100% synthetic hair streamer is extremely durable, hydrophobic and  sheds water on the back cast. This is a large profile fly that casts like a much smaller streamer.
On the retrieve or in a current it moves with a tight action. The head remains stationary while the tail kicks back and forth much like a real fish swims. The body has a 3D profile has a fuller body with more pronounced shoulders and a thinner tail section.
I am a firm believer in using a mono weedguard. It allows you to fish areas other fishermen pass up. Instead of just fishing the edges of cover, you can cast into weeds, rocks, wood, without fear. It keeps your hook point sharp when fishing gravel bars, rock and rubble. It makes difference. 
I tie these streamers in 4-1/2", 6" and 8" lengths.
 Gamakatsu black nickel B10S super sharp hooks. 
2/0 in the 4-1/2"
3/0 for the 6"
4/0  in the 8"
These tough streamers are constructed to withstand abuse. Each and every tie-in point is epoxied along with the 3D Glow in the dark eyes.
Everything I use to create these flies is quality. Only the absolute best components will suffice .
If you are like other fly fishermen I know, we spend a great deal on our equipment. Rods, reels, lines and the cost of our fishing excursions. I suggest doing the same for the flies we use. It's that fly that ultimately is the most important piece of equipment connecting to that trophy. Spend a few dollars more knowing that fly will perform like the rest of your tackle.
I use these for pike, muskies, peacock bass smallmouth and largemouth bass walleye stripers and host of inshore saltwater species. 
If you have any questions, contact me.